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“This agency done a wonderful job”

06/05/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

It’s been wonderful. I don’t know where I can even start. I just know that I’ve been with this agency for a while. It’s been several years and I’ve enjoyed the experience immensely from the very beginning. Once I came to Cebu, the staff, everybody that works in the office, Jim and everybody, have done such a wonderful job.


“Our lives could not be any happier”

05/20/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

I just wanted to drop you a short note that we are still enjoying "Wedded Bliss" . All made possible by the staff and their talent for bringing people together so they may enjoy life. We have been married almost 2 yrs. now. My wife has her drivers learner permit now, and we are planning to build a new home. I hope you guys will put away your fear and skeptism and take that "BIG STEP" to the PHILIPPINES and meet a beautiful lady that’ll change life for both .


“Enjoy and find yourself a filipina wife”

05/07/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

This is something that I would recommend to any man that wants a fresh start, that wants to try something different. I look at it like this, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you keep getting what you’ve been getting. If you don’t try something different, you’ll just get the same thing. I’ve seen the same thing for a long time. Now I’m like, let’s do something else, let’s do this with flavor here and let’s enjoy this. I tell you, I definitely recommend any men to come out here to the Philippines and have an opportunity of a lifetime to meet beautiful ladies that will appreciate you


“This agency has credibility”

04/08/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

I found out about this agency when I visited Peru one time. Somebody recommended it to me. I actually seen it advertised on TV a couple times. I don’t remember which TV program but this company has a lot of attention as a professional organization that does a good job. It’s in the media. It’s been covered in a lot of different publications and it’s in a lot of main TV programs in the US.


“This event was life changing”

03/06/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

We hit it off perfectly. She was thinking what I was, I was thinking what she was. It’s a magic that just takes place. I mean, you can’t force these things. I knew the testimonials before from other men on this site, and they say the same thing, it just overtakes you, it just hits you. You can’t force it, you just let it happen. I just felt something, it’s so powerful. I couldn’t deny it.


“I found my fiancée here”

02/14/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

Appreciation for this agency on what they did for me while I was in Cebu. After spending all that time with Rachel and talking, texting and sending pictures I gave her an engagement ring. So I hired the Maria Jones law firm back here in the US. After talking with them about how good of job the you did there. They explain that you would help Rachel out with her documents that she needs and be able to send them back here to the law firm. Thank you for all of the patience that you have and making it a very wonderful experience for me and making it possible for me to meet Rachel.


“I met my fiancée”

02/07/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

I met my fiancée from your site July 24, 2003. I had no idea how to make a connection with someone over 8,000 miles away. I live in Michigan and she is from the Philippines. The distance barrier seemed great, but I quickly saw some qualities in my fiancée that I liked and eventually grew to love. We were married in her hometown.


“ I would highly recommend this to anyone who's looking for a filipina”

11/24/23 Overall Rating: 5.0

Cebu was fantastic. The weather, the people, and the food have all been exceptional. The women I've been lucky enough to meet here through are absolutely stunning. I can’t recall of a livelier time I’ve had, it’s just a very eye-opening experience and I would highly recommend it to any man who’s looking for a good filipina woman. Register and form connections, then come and visit Cebu. That’s all I could tell you. If you've never been or want to come back then now is the time.


“Great experience and a must try”

11/03/23 Overall Rating: 5.0

I actually thought this is a good way to make friends. They have nice girls as well and maybe I can find the right girl as well. Sometimes you think that there’s no nice girl there for you. That’s where AFA can help you. You meet these girls in the socials, hundreds of them and they just turn up and they actually wanna talk to you.


“sheer magic”

11/19/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

My experience with this agency was truly amazing. I wrote to a number of women on the website and had a list. I went over there thinking that everything was just gonna go perfectly and within two days my list had turned upside down. And K.C. wasn't even part of my list in the first place. Everything changed when I met her. We hit it off perfectly. She was thinking what I was, I was thinking what she was. What took place was sheer magic. I mean, you can't force these things. I knew about the experiences of other members on this site, and they all said the same thing about the tour. It just overtakes you, it just hits you. You can't force it. You just let it happen. I felt something so powerful. I couldn't deny it. Within an hour, I was ready.


“Second trip to Cebu”

11/12/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

This was my second trip to meet the ladies from this website. I really enjoyed it - it’s been fun and I think it was one of the best trips I've ever had. The staff was great, very friendly, kind, considerate. I had no problems with the staff. I enjoyed it. P.S. My woman said, she was thankful for the kindness of this agency for allowing us to meet.


“Great tours and beautiful ladies”

11/08/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

Thank you to the entire staff for making me feel important and for all your hard work. For the great tours you have, the beautiful ladies you invite and the attention you give. Otherwise, I might have missed the chance to meet my fiancee. I believe it was a divine hand and great people that made this happen. I and Evangeline would like to thank you for being there when we needed you most.


“Thank you”

10/29/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I would like to thank this organization for their dedicated work and effort in bringing Nenette and I together as one. We recently got married in the Philippines. Their wonderful staff coordinated all of my needs, including our wedding and with Nenette's visa processing and passport. We will be married again here in Washington D.C. and we are looking forward to building a happy family in the States. Thank you very much!


“Fun times in the Philippines”

09/25/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

All the women I met in Cebu were special and unique. Filipino women know how to treat a man. It’s very easy to get to know them because you meet a girl and you become friends. You don't know where it's gonna go but you started as friends and you get to know each other and you get an idea. Sometimes it might not work out but that’s good. Sometimes in life no is better than yes because if you pursue something it might not work out anyway. So it was a very comfortable setting, very positive, and very uplifting. I really like how they organized it.


“This works”

09/07/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

My goal for the Cebu social tour was a relationship. And I got it. Met a very attractive woman. 26 Btw I was 58 at the time. She's given me so much love, affection and companionship. I am blessed. If you are seeking a great chance to find love with this agency, just go and find her. I did with my eyes open. It truly works.


“Fun times in Cebu”

07/31/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I went to Cebu, Philippines for the social tour and had a great time. The people and staff were friendly and the women were really beautiful. I went to two socials there and a had a blast. I met so many nice, young and friendly ladies. There was one I was really interested in and I'm excited to see how that plays out.


“I recommend”

07/11/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

When single guys go to Asia by themselves and they're not with an organization, they can run into a lot of problems with the women. You can take home the wrong women very easily. Considering their track record and how long they've been around, I really felt like I was getting into a good thing with this agency. I watched a lot of videos of former clients that found what they were looking for here. It made me feel comfortable knowing there was a ton of information on their site to help me.


“I met the love of my life”

06/12/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

Their service provided me the opportunity to find what I had been searching for so long. That search ended when I met Jocelyn. She is everything she said and so much more. We have fallen in love over the last 5 months and plan to get married as soon as her visa is approved. I went into this with my eyes wide open, truly took the time and spent a little money on this agency. And the result spoke for itself. I will be forever indebted to them and thankful for the service they provided. I have to be the happiest man on earth right now.


“I tip my hat”

05/02/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

These guys are great. I'm happy I used their service. I'm the type of man who believes everything happens for a reason. I just happened to surf the net and came across their site. I didn't know what to think at first. I went and compared their site to other sites on the web. By far, they were the best. They showed a lot of character and were very sincere. The women were beautiful. I'm proud I found their website.


“Go meet them in person”

04/13/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

My advice to all the single guys who are considering a filipina partner is this: You have to come and meet them. It takes a little time to figure out which one’s right for you. But that’s the whole process, to join a tour, go meet them in person and initiate a relationship and then you work from there. It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s not a miracle for anybody. Any relationship takes time then you have to nurture. When you meet that special woman, you’ll know.


“I would recommend their platinum membership”

03/22/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I Recently registered on this site and after some consideration and research, opted for a platinum membership that includes all their services as well as discounts and bonuses during my search. Most notably, 100% of all membership fees will be credited toward future tours when I decide to travel and go meet the women. The other option is a "pay as you go" plan, only paying for services as you use them with no other fees included. Being serious about my search and having plans to register to their Cebu tour this year, the platinum membership provides the best value for me. In any case, I love how they give you the choice on how and when to communicate with the filipina members here. I'm giving them a solid 4 stars, with no issues so far.


“So far, so good”

03/15/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

Solid, functional dating site for those interested in seeking the love of filipinas. They have a large selection of beauties and also provide you with every opportunity to meet them in person. As a middle-aged American, I plan to find a lovely, young filipina companion and have made plans to visit the Philippines later this year. Only wish they could launch a mobile app to compliment their easy-to-navigate web app.


“Here I come Cebu!”

02/10/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I subscribed to their service for the purpose of collecting and getting know some filipinas in the hopes of meeting them in person when I vacay there later this year. It's been just over a week and I have already connected with 3 lovely young ladies - all from Cebu, which is a part of the Visayas in the Philippines. They have a scheduled singles tour there in August and I'm thinking of registering. Best of all, if I do decide to join, all my membership fees will be credited towards the touring fee. That is most appreciated!


“Excited for Cebu Tour in January 2020”

11/10/19 Overall Rating: 4.0

I've been wanting to meet some beautiful Filipinas for a while now. I have a few friends that have travelled to the Philippines. I joined this site a a couple of years ago but mostly just played around with it. Didn't really know if it was for real or not. I had some doubts regarding their services. I have exchanged a few letters with women I liked. Now, after listening to my friend's experience in Cebu, I'm ready to meet a woman I have been exchanging letters with for over a year now. Pretty excited for Cebu January 2020.


“Having a mobile app version can be a lot better”

11/03/19 Overall Rating: 3.0

I am a new user of this site. I signed up last week. So far, the site is okay. I've been seeing really beautiful women on the site. Philipinas are definitely lookers. Browsing the site on my phone is tough though. I wish they can develop a mobile app version of this.



10/26/19 Overall Rating: 4.0

The design of could definitely be improved. Layout looks like an early 2000's website. I will say that it being connected to a large agency in the U.S. with a lot of experience is a plus. And an actual phone number is a rarity. Still testing the waters but they looking promising.


“Better than my expectations!”

10/15/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

Cebu is really nice. I went to the island last August. I not only got to explore the place, but also I found my present girlfriend. She's one of many beautiful women you'll find there, but the only one for me. Now, we're having a long distance relationship and I wouldn't trade anything for my young and sweet Cebuana. Couldn't have done it without Cebu women and AFA. It's really been beyond my expectations!


“Beautiful ladies, trying to find a way to go”

10/12/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

I really want to marry a Filipina. But I'm not the richest guy. I was so happy I found, but I need to save up for a while to go. The services are really attractive, as are the ladies. Will take a while, but for sure I am going.

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