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04/10/23 Overall Rating: 5.0



“weird site”

11/24/22 Overall Rating: 2.0

After just signing up, I think a week ago, I already got some matches!!! :) That was fast! :) I like some of them but others I don't think so. Maybe it's my fault because I didn't fill out the forms completely and I did not give all the details especially on the description part. Some people have funny profiles. HAHAHA. Some are very very very weird. I got really interested on someone so I messaged him. :) Hope he responds...



11/08/22 Overall Rating: 1.0

I got caught out on the scam where they automatically renewed me for six months without warning me. When I called and spoke with three different representatives, they gave me the hard cheese line. All I want is to cancel the next five months and get some money back. I will be happy to give it to a charity rather than give it to these people.


“connected with a few here”

10/27/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I'm a passionate person who has had bad luck with love. But I give it another shot, expecting to find my true love here. I've made a lot of friends here since I'm an upbeat guy, but there's always something lacking. While I am confident that we will find each other and that we will be free to explore just what means to get 'another half.


“Not applicable these days”

12/27/21 Overall Rating: 3.0

I don't think that it's a good time to look for someone on dating site this time so I stopped my membership for a moment, we can't meet people anyway, it's not good to communicate with people without meeting them for years, after a period of time we can loose motivation, we can't really know who we communicate with and it's not good to keep communication always like that and maybe we don't like them since the first real meeting so it means that we just waste money and time too much and we take high risk of deception! It seems that nobody wants to give personal contact.


“tinder not what it used to be”

02/28/20 Overall Rating: 3.0

Tinder used to be really hot. If you matched, you hooked up right away, banged your brains out, and that was it. Sometimes you'd find a keeper and that was even better. Now it's flooded with LTR types. Also, it's very poorly monitored. About half of the women say "I really don't use this site look me up on another site". Many of them point you to snap chat or a rip off sugar daddy site. Tinder is OK, but weak management not monitoring content that directs to other sites has really downgraded the value of membership.



11/02/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

It is an excellent dating site


“Tinder worse than heroin trust me”

10/29/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of the dating app Tinder Tinder sucks... It's superficial. The girls have a super short attention span. And sometimes I don't even get a notification when a girl messages me back! ...but these reasons aren't why Tinder suck. I actually love Tinder... but I've developed a bit of an addiction (see here). Last night I went to the movies, and I was on my phone the entire time... Yea I know, I was that guy... But when 5 different hot girls are grabbing for your attention, it's hard to concentrate on anything else! Needless to say I missed a good chunk of the movie. And sometimes when I'm supposed to be working I find myself staring into my phone, getting sucked into a 'Tinder Hole'. On top of that, I have the bad habit of booking too many dates in any given week... So as of today I'm officially taking a break from Tinder. least for a short period of time. If you have yet to jump on the Tinder bandwagon. Or haven't been having much success with Tinder, well that's okay. Because I’m going to reveal EXACTLY what I do to get so many dates on Tinder, in my new book 'Swipe Seduction'. So if you're okay with developing a Ti


“I and several other Danish people have been permanently banned from Ti”

10/28/19 Overall Rating: 1.0

Without having done anything wrong. Normal, well behaved serious people, looking to find a partner. I've been treated as a criminal and they won't end my subscription. I've been treated as a criminal and have without knowing it, done something wrong. Not intentionally. So Tinder have permanently banned me from their site and WILL NOT help me refund my ongoing paid subscription. What about helping and teaching us? And not only this, you won't help me end my paid subscription.


“Still needs improvement ”

10/24/19 Overall Rating: 4.0

Tinder was easy to use, no complaints there. It was very easy to get started setting up my profile. As far as mobile user experience, I would have to say they still need to make improvements on this. Although I wasn't looking for a long term relationship, it just sort of happened.


“ Worth trying ”

10/10/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

Great site for casual dating, but didn't work very well for finding serious relationships. However, if you are looking for some fun, I'd totally recommend it.


“friendly and aesthetic! ”

10/09/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

I find Tinder to be much easier to use. The older people use it for a hookup site. Maybe younger people do. I like that it will allow someone to put a favorite song on their profile page. And it lets someone look at your Instagram also.


“Tinder needs to help women find the men they like”

10/06/19 Overall Rating: 3.0

The main advantage of tinder is that it's widely used. It's good that apps like these exist, but they need to cater better to women. The paying versions only help make you more prominent and increase your changes of being liked. But there is actually research to prove what most users already know - female users don't have a hard time getting liked, we have a hard time finding male profiles we like. There is absolutely no way to filter for anything, even language! In most cities the app is full of pictures of physically attractive, weird-looking men. Women almost always need more than looks to go on, for our safety apart from anything else. Until this problem is fixed a lot of women are likely to stop bothering with tinder even as it is and there is no way most of us will bother paying given that currently the paying options don't offer us anything.

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