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“A wonderful site”

02/29/24 Overall Rating: 4.0

A wonderful agency met my fiancee there and is it not expensive as you mentioned in your review. They don't charge for each email as others do and you get all ladies emails and phoe numbers with no limitation.


“not for me”

10/24/22 Overall Rating: 2.0

I agree with every other negative review written here. I think they are struggling in their ability to get signups. My age group (65) is a wasteland. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a class-action suit filed against them soon. That's what happened with "It's Just Lunch" for the same reasons. Perhaps it's better for younger people


“Great site so far”

09/27/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

Just make sure that when you chat with the lady you can see her on video. Often it is the translators who pretend to be the ladies. You think you are talking to the lady but in fact it is the translator responsible for that particular lady. Use the video for a few minutes and then switch it off because it costs twice the price of straight chat.


“It is of the best online dating…”

07/08/22 Overall Rating: 3.0

It is an one of the best online dating social media website that has number of other impressive things in it as well. All of the above, its real profiles are amazing. I have plenty of friends in the site and I always like to talk to them. There are a lot of adults who are upset due to their lonely life. I am recommending to all of then. The site has got plenty of things to offer. One will never feel bore due to its real profiles.


“It was a very good decision! ”

10/31/19 Overall Rating: 4.0

Trying out several senior dating apps and platforms, my experience with SilverSingles was probably the most productive one. Being a 60-year old white male, I thought that it would be difficult to find someone to date whose my age. With how the dating website is designed I was able to course through the website without difficulty. Every feature was easy to find and use. With their matchmaking system, I was able to find several women and had good chats with them. One can only do so much with a free subscription, which is why I signed up for a 6-month premium membership. And let me tell you, it was a very good decision on my part! Because of my premium membership, I am going on date number 3 this weekend. How else would I get dates with lovely women if not for SilverSingles!


“ Not worth the money I spent ”

10/16/19 Overall Rating: 2.0

I am a female user of Silver I have been a member for about a month. It cost me $90 for 6 months. For the results I’ve received so far, it is not worth the money. The charge is quite a bit for one month, so most people opt for the 6 months. You can sign on, take the quiz, and look at profiles, but you cannot access pictures unless you pay. So quite a few of your matches are faceless people checking out the site with no intention of staying. If someone messages you that is not anywhere close to where you live, its probably a scammer. On a positive note, the site will contact you if you have had contact with a suspected scammer. But I'm sure that many slip through. I’ve noticed that locations associated with the names change. I’ve exchanged messages with less than 5 guys. I am not ugly and I have a great profile. I have never met anyone through this site or gone on any dates. I live in an area with several mid sized cities and the amount of matches is pathetic. I cannot say whether a man’s results will be different (no doubt).


“Perceptive matchmaking system”

10/14/19 Overall Rating: 4.0

Overall, it is no doubt that SilverSingles provides a convenient platform for singles over 50 years old to find their life partner. SilverSingles’ perceptive matchmaking system makes it possible for users to find other members who are truly compatible with them. However, one can only do so much with a free subscription. If you are over 50 years old and are looking to find the person to spend the rest of your life with, you could try creating an account with SilverSingles. SilverSingles has a concentrated user base, and you'll never know, maybe your second chance at love is just one click away.


“Seems like completely robotic ”

10/08/19 Overall Rating: 1.0

My experience with SilverSingles is that the participants usually do not provide a photo, instead there is a photo request prompt that is never responded to. The SilverSingles App and Website have no way of directly contacting it to leave a message much less talk to a human. Sadly it seems like a completely robotic setup - the last thing you need when trying to set up a personal relationship. Would not recommend this service until they work these issues out.


“ Some matches are authentic, but many are not ”

09/23/19 Overall Rating: 2.0

After several weeks of receiving some good matches, the number dropped off considerably. Then, most matches were from much further away than my preference of 100 miles, in many cases more than a thousand miles away. Ethnicity preferences are ignored. Most matches do not have photos posted, nor are they added within several days. If you request a photo from one of these "members", in the cases that I've tried I received what appeared to be "Stock" photos, much younger than their stated age, always very attractive. None have ever responded to a message. I suspect that the site makes up fake profiles to send without photos so that the customers cannot claim that they're not getting matches, then if the member requests a photo for this fake listing, they send one taken off the internet. Some matches are valid, but many are not. You will not receive matches that meet your preferences every day, only several times a week.

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