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“A very satisfied client”

05/13/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

During my Asian Club Tour to Cebu. I have called and emailed them several times, and they have always been patient and supportive. I hope the Manager and the President of your company sees this. It is staff/people like you that place a real value on the agency. The website is helpful but it is compassionate people like them that make a significant difference.


“I had the most exhilarating experience”

04/18/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

I really like the trip you know because what I like Sunday I think alikes on that it was really good it was a good experience for me.


“I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my tour.”

03/11/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

The tour manager, Yuan was new to managing tour groups however I think he did a very good job. He went out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed, he was accessible, easy to contact and gave good advice on the city, its attractions and things to do. I was most impressed that while we were in his office looking at profiles he was able to give additional information about the girls as he seemed to know most of them.


“Just get there and you will find somebody”

03/01/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

Ultimately, if you don’t do that, you won’t experience anything new. You’ll not have hope of having any fun, love, whatever you’re actually going on these tours for. It’s amazing. I don’t think you can find that in anybody else.


“I found my wife here”

02/26/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

I actually communicated with for two-months through the site. I am thankful for all your help; my China trip was very successful. I was there 13-days and I have to say that it was one of the most enjoyable trips I have ever experienced when traveling outside of the US.


“I met my fiancée here”

12/29/23 Overall Rating: 5.0

I met my fiancée and after completing the USA K1 visa process she joined me in Chicago last month, and we will soon be married! We are very excited and happy about our new life together! Feel free to use me as a reference, for either the women or the men on this year’s tour; my best wishes for all of them!


“Find your lifelong partner here”

11/13/23 Overall Rating: 4.0

If you wanna find love that is something that you are willing to go to the end of the earth's for, to do whatever they ask you, then why not travel halfway around the world for the possibility of love. People in American do crazy things to tryna find that girlfriend or boyfriend in America yet we’re not willing to take a vacation to exotic land, have fun with a bunch of great guys, and hopefully find the love of your life. An experience that helped me find my one and only.


“connection of a lifetime”

11/26/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

When things started to click with one particular lady I met here, I didn't waste my time and went full speed ahead. It was such a connection that I've never had before in my life. The experience was absolutely terrific. What a wonderful lady, just so wonderful and intelligent.



11/05/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I was really adventurous and determined to make a decision to find my partner through this website. I was also anxious to see if they could deliver on what they promised. Fortunately, I did everything on the website. They took the time to arrange meetings and everything started working so perfectly for me. I trusted the people working there and they were a tremendous help for me. I have nothing else except to say that they were amazing.


“Glad I went”

10/15/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I had such a great time on the trip. There were so many wonderful people, and I'm not only talking about the girls, the guys on the tour and the their staff as well I am going back very soon. I just need to get more acquainted with the girls by email and then decide what I'm going to do.


“fabulous time”

09/23/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

It was the most fantastic experience of my life! Helen was the most gracious lady and took care of every little problem I had. Her "crew" were so helpful and attentive with me that all you had to do was turn around and someone was there to help you. About the ladies, my gosh they were the most beautiful bunch of gals I have ever seen in one place. These girls were not "bimbos". They were nice, respectful and elegant ladies. And they knew how to have a good time and make us all feel welcome. There were like 80 girls at the first social party, and I think 9 guys. They really were the best and they should be proud of their organization.


“I met my fiancee”

09/17/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I went to Chongqing on a personal tour after writing a couple of ladies there. The experience I had there was overwhelming. The staff went out of their way to help me and I developed a relationship with one translator that was really helpful. A couple of ladies went out of their way to impress me by taking me (they paid) to very nice restaurants on the first date. Happy to say one of the these ladies and I are engaged and going through the fiancee visa process. Daisy and I hit it off very well and are looking forward to our life together in the U.S.


“thank you”

08/27/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I want to thank thi agency for all your help; my China trip was very successful. Minmin is a school teacher and her specialty is teaching English to Chinese children. She already has a US visa and has actually traveled to many countries including San Francisco (she has a drivers licence and drove in San Francisco traffic if you can believe that!!) She holds a Masters Degree and is a singer with one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard; she has over 400-songs recorded on line! She is smart and has one of the most soft and innocent spirits I have ever seen in a woman; that was the very reason I went to China! And of course, has great taste in men! (Smile) We talk, text or send voice messages many times a day since my return from China. I love "Wechat!" since all calls, texts and voice mails are free!


“Good overall”

08/10/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

The overall experience was good for me, I was relaxed, and didn't feel intimidated by anything in Shenzhen. The weather was warm, the people were friendly, my interpreter was amazing! (Lihong Rachel) We had fun going out for drinks and dancing at CoCo Park!


“Thank you”

07/07/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I really felt like I was going to find my wife in the Philippines. I sensed a true calling to do that. But at the same time, I was single and I wanted to enjoy it. To travel around and experience different places. Then after meeting Gellie through this service and twice spending time with her in person, I felt like I had to end my search. We had gotten closer and closer and I found myself losing interest in going to anymore socials. I mean, the socials were fantastic, but I'm absolutely certain that I have found the one to spend the rest of my life with.


“Great site, great service”

06/24/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

If you're sitting at home single or divorced and you've really kinda given up on the fact that you'll ever meet a partner again, I would recommend this matchmaking service. In my case, I really didn't think I would ever fall in love again. I was like, I'm happy by myself and don't need any drama. But I thought of trying to see if those feelings were still there. To see if I could actually fall head over heels for somebody again. Now, it's almost like a dilemma for me because I have to choose. Having to choose between two women I met on this site who are just drop-dead gorgeous and sweetest of all. That has been the hardest part of this whole experience.


“i gave up on dating”

03/27/22 Overall Rating: 2.0

I have not found a "decent" date. Meaning this seems to be a married man hook-up site. They either are "widowed" or their marriage needs spicing up. It is not the site's fault. I understand that but really screen your matches carefully. I have since given up on dating sites.


“a sucker for far east asian women”

03/17/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

Having been away from the dating scene due to COVID, I decided to give online dating a spin. Admittedly, I am a sucker for light-skinned far east ladies. So I did some searching online and finally settled on this site. The ladies here are not only attractive and professional but quite friendly once you strike up a connection with them. There seems to be wide array of Chinese women here from all walks of life: high-end pros to the entry-level office worker. For now, I'll keep searching here and see if I can find the one here.


“Home quarantine? No problem!”

03/19/20 Overall Rating: 5.0

If you're bored at home and want to find love amidst this crazy time, this is worth the try. They have lovely clear photos of Chinese ladies. Unlike other sites out there that blur them. Also, it's free so of course I love it!


“These Shenzhen women aren't in the US.”

01/02/20 Overall Rating: 3.0

I thought that I would be able to start dating these ladies in real life asap but it turns out that they aren't really here in America and that you need to literally travel to China to see them. I'd love to see them but because of my condition, I wouldn't be able to. Too bad.


“Good site but too ancient”

11/18/19 Overall Rating: 4.0

Sure the site works perfectly but the set up is a bit rusty. A little improvement and it'll be perfect. So, creators and developers, get on it!


“Still on cloud nine!”

09/23/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

Just got back from a once in a lifetime trip! Their vacation tour was beyond amazing. I was able to meet countless of beautiful sexy ladies. Such a fun experience. Planning on joining again soon.


“Finally found the yin to my yang!”

06/20/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

I'm Chinese American and I've been wanting to reconnect with my roots by finding a bride-to-be among Chinese women. But as you know, it's pretty hard to find one online. But after some thorough research I finally did. Shenzhen Women did all the magic for me. They were able to successfully deliver my letters and flowers to the woman I love! I'll be meeting her this August's social event. Wish me luck!

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