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“I gave Colombia another shot”

12/06/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

This time, I decided to join the guys in the Medellin tour. Colombia is a wonderful country, it really is. It was clean. People have these preconceived notions about Colombia being so dangerous and you don’t wanna go there. But it really wasn’t. I’m from New York and I tell you, Medellin was much safer than New York city by far. The people were great, the women were beautiful, and as someone who doesn’t speak Spanish, I had no problems communicating, there’s a translator app on my phone or even tapping people on the street, they’re more than willing to help. I had a wonderful time. It was a beautiful city.


“Many thanks”

11/26/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I just returned from the Cartagena tour and having enjoyed it so much, I thought I’d write a brief review about it. For me, It was the perfect place to go; excellent beaches, perfect climate with beautiful and friendly ladies. Cartagena is not the Colombia everyone is accustomed to hearing about. I would describe it as a beautiful, tropical paradise & I hope to return by year’s end. I've already recommended their tour to a couple of friends that are interested in traveling to Colombia. I also would like to say I appreciate this matchmaking service for their tours. They allow us single guys to meet wonderful women of other cultures & see different parts of this world.



11/04/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I had a very nice time on my tour to Barranquilla. I feel that my tour was a success, and I met somebody that I am communicating with daily who I feel that I can move forward with. In addition, the tour was structured very well, and all of my interactions with their staff and interpreters working in Colombia and the United States have been positive.


“So many fine ladies ”

10/29/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I was a little nervous when I first got to the social event because the ladies were all looking at us, but that wasn't the challenge. It was trying to decide who I wanted to spend time with. There were so many beautiful women and I knew I had to make choices. One thing was for sure though, they were very interested in the guys there. I mean there was no problem with getting quality dates with gorgeous women. The challenge is trying to stick to your guns and not get distracted. They are incredibly attractive women so it's easy to get diverted. But if you're true to yourself then you can definitely find what you're looking for there.


“Tour is a must”

10/29/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I was a member for quite some time but never took a tour but once covid was over I just decided I got to do this. I was the guy on the site always writing letter after letter and not doing the tours. I will tell you now, having been there and done that, you have got to do the tour. If you don't, the letters are just endless and you're really wasting time and money. I really can't express that enough.


“I would gladly recommended”

08/26/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I learned so much and sincerely cherished the opportunity to meet so many wonderful women. I would gladly recommend this agency to my single buddy friends. If they are truly serious about finding a life mate, this is the way to go and the company to use. I have made some great contacts and am presently dating a lady I met in San Jose. I don't know what is going to happen in the future - but I am excited - and my confidence level is very high that I am on the right path towards finding the love of my life.


“Amazing time”

07/03/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I wanted to drop a quick review and thank this agency for the Medellin tour. Those tour socials were awesome! I had lots of fun and met 100's of girls. They delivered as promoted and all was excellent in every aspect. Met a great gal in Medellin, spent my time with her during the tour. Went back to see her 2 weeks ago and she's coming to visit me in 3 weeks. It's going well, google translate is a hoot!


“A personal thank you”

06/15/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I really enjoyed my time there on the Cartagena tour. it was fascinating to see the life in Colombia and it was especially thrilling to meet the beautiful ladies of Cartagena. I thoroughly enjoyed the activities that were planned for the tour and the entire staff were so friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend the tour to any man seeking gorgeous ladies who are marriage minded. I met a wonderful lady there and I look forward to going back soon to be with her.


“Unbelievable experience”

05/27/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

This was the most amazing experience I've ever had. It was life-changing. It's something to spend hours on your computer and look through all the pictures. But unless you actually go there you're never gonna experience what I and all the other guys experienced. It was UNBELIEVABLE. That's all I can tell you.


“safe site”

05/16/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

medellin dating is a reliable, convenient service for communicating with latinas from different countries. The administration is very serious about the safety of the users. Profiles are checked very carefully, even pictures are verified. Moderators make sure that there are no inadequate people in chats. That's why the chance of encountering a bot is minimized here.


“One of a kind experience”

04/13/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I had done a lot of online research on matchmaking services and found that there were a lot of bogus ones out there. So I delved deeper for other guys who didn't want to and came to the conclusion that this was the best company. I spent hours watching the youtube videos. Then as Colombia opened up without restrictions, I was like, I have to go and check it out. And it was amazing! All the girls I met on dates were great, very affectionate. It was definitely something I had no problem getting used to and the overall experience was like no other.


“Their niche service is what I needed”

03/16/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I've been a member for a few weeks now and its definitely one of the better matchmaking sites. There are numerous Latina profiles for my to pick from and they are not shy to initiate correspondence with me either. Platinum membership is pricier than your usual dating sites, but I am provided an international service that other domestic dating sites can't match. I'm currently narrowing down my choices for me to meet in person, so I'll have to wait and see what happens. But as far as their service goes, it was just what I needed.


“No strings”

02/02/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

Great site with countless ravishing yet friendly Latinas. What more could a middle-aged single man ask for? Already have a few young stunners that I regularly chat up. If Colombian women are your thing, you'll be contented here. Ones I met so far are super sweet and tantalizing to say the least. What a great way to dip my toes into mail order bride waters, without any major commitments to start.

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