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“Simply remarkable”

02/07/23 Overall Rating: 5.0

REVIEW TEXT: 5 - Simply remarkable I would like to thank this agency for running such a professional organization. They made it possible for a serious guy like me to find my wife in the Philippines. After our first social event Mecai dropped me a note saying she was available and that I could contact her if I wanted. We met for lunch the next day and the rest was history. What an exceptionally educated and accomplished woman. She is simply beautiful and amazing. An ideal mixture of beauty and brains. How I won her heart is still a mystery to me, but I am elated with the results.


“great times”

01/23/23 Overall Rating: 5.0

I really enjoyed my stay. I can’t say enough about the women in the Philippines. They’re just so beautiful, intelligent and very friendly. I couldn't have imagined a nicer place to visit. It was a place where I met wonderful women. I enjoyed all the friendly, hospitable people I met there. It was an experience of a lifetime.


“Best vacation I ever had”

01/14/23 Overall Rating: 4.0

I got to meet many really fine ladies in Cebu. I haven't finalized a deal yet but will probably go back to Cebu in November to see a couple of ladies that I really like, one in particular. I’ve never been one of the "cool kids"" before that got to date all the really hot babes, but in Cebu "I still got it". It would be hard to beat the Cebu ladies.


“ Love their tours”

01/06/23 Overall Rating: 5.0

The Cebu social tour was a blast. We all had a great time and met a lot of very lovely Filipina ladies. They have a fantastic program going on there in Cebu City. All in all, I enjoyed the tour immensely and was so glad to have to have attended for the second time with plans to go for a third. Keep up the great work!


“That sounds so fun, that it needs to be said.”

11/14/22 Overall Rating: 1.0

I’ll give this block-chain bull service that, they were nice enough to tell me with the audacity that this is fake. They were so nice, in fact, they let me have free credits, and I told them, well, why, really? I noticed your service is nothing fictitious bot accounts, so it’s rather pointless, then they just begged that I stay. Instead I gave them a deal, instead of those free credits, why don’t I just give you some porn video links, and they surprisingly, said that I could be given trophy to being admin, I’m lost where to even control the website. So I just told them, if you want money, quit doing this stupid bull, just turn up a advert hell porn site. So that was an interesting 2 and a half hours. In the end, they were very fumed, when I refused that much. So I can’t help but think, if you are in the business of a fake dating website, why do you make it? If you aren’t cruel, and you’re stupid. Then the sex is pointless. Baffling.


“Great time”

11/09/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

My experience with this agency was truly amazing. I wrote to a number of women on the website and had a list. I went over there thinking that everything was just gonna go perfectly and within two days my list had turned upside down. And K.C. wasn't even part of my list in the first place. Everything changed when I met her. We hit it off perfectly. She was thinking what I was, I was thinking what she was. What took place was sheer magic. I mean, you can't force these things. I knew about the experiences of other members on this site, and they all said the same thing about the tour. It just overtakes you, it just hits you. You can't force it. You just let it happen. I felt something so powerful. I couldn't deny it. Within an hour, I was ready.


“Hidden gem”

10/02/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

The Peru staff were just wonderful. I came in with a ton of questions and they had an answer to each one and they treated me like I was the long-lost son. I have no complaints with them whatsoever and if you do a tour come to Lima, feel that the staff will be just wonderful and treat you with all the kind and tenderness that you can expect.


“So many beautiful women”

08/12/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

One of the best things that I found out about going down there was how much I like the culture. The ladies are very kind, they’re very sweet. I don’t think I’ve seen so many beautiful women in one place in my life. I would tell the single guys to get off that couch and make a move. Go to their website and further the process and move along. I’m happy I did what I did because it made me more convinced that once I got there I was gonna find somebody. I only wish I had done it sooner.


“Absolutely recommended”

07/28/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

This was my first time on the Latin tour and I had a beautiful experience. The ladies were gorgeous and it was a great place go and visit. MY advice for the gentlemen that are thinking of going down there to meet the ladies would be to try and meet as many ladies as you can and make sure you get their names and contact details. That way you can choose the ones you want to get back to once you return home after the social. I made the mistake of getting their names but not their numbers, so that would be my best piece of advice.


“You have an opportunity here”

06/14/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

My goal for the Cebu social tour was a relationship. And I got it. Met a very attractive woman. 26 Btw I was 58 at the time. She's given me so much love, affection and companionship. I am blessed. If you are seeking a great chance to find love with this agency, just go and find her. I did with my eyes open. It truly works.


“A trip to cherish for years to come”

06/10/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I was on the internet one day and I happened to see their up there and I was like, “Let me check this out because this is something I’ve always wanted to do but I never knew there was an opportunity to do this, to actually go abroad.” I looked up online and saw all of these single men expressing how much fun they had, how they met the girl of their dreams on this special tour. I decided to just make a change. I didn't want to stay in the United States, go through the same routine that I’ve been going through of trying to find a lady. Your mentality is totally different when you come to a different country, especially to Colombia. I just wanted to make that change. There was nothing like this in the States. It was way more than anything. This was an actual experience.


“good services”

05/20/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

"It's pretty much 5 star and they had really good services and the rooms are clean. It looks like they're taking really good care of it. Hotel staff was really nice to me.


“I feel safe on this site”

03/16/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

If you're into online dating and looking for something serious, this site is a fantastic option. Been a member for 2 weeks now and I'm enjoying the experience so far. The ladies I've come into contact have all been polite and sincere for the most part. If you have the resources and some time to search, you just might find that exotic foreign woman you've been waiting for..


“finally found the one”

02/14/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

From the moment I first saw her, I realized there was something there. She was very special. I searched a long time for a good woman and there she was, right in front of me. It took three years of my life to find her but I did it and here we are now. As soon as the paperwork’s done we’ll be in the States. We’re gonna get married and have a family with kids and the perfect life. Thank you for making it happen..

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