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“My marriage is now set to happen”

04/09/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

The information you personally gave to me concerning Fiance Visa vs Getting married in Costa Rica was very much appreciated. Your team is to be congratulated. I think you are doing a wonderful job connecting men to the love’s of their life. I believe your service is really making a lot of men happy for the rest of their lives.


“Well organized”

03/26/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

I just have to tell you what beautiful experience I just had with the tour in San Jose [just this weekend] .Well organized, professional, pleased the staff is outstanding and very friendly and they did a great job. If I. have similar agency I want have the same dedication with the staff here. Thanks a lot.


“It’s unbelievably amazing”

02/21/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

It was totally amazing. It was like a dream. I met so many beautiful women in one night and came home with so many names. It’s unbelievable.


“I cannot imagine a better result”

01/30/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

The agency an introduction agency that I employed some 14 months ago to introduce me to the woman ( Tica ) who would become my wife. We are a happily married couple I owe much of this to the staff. Thank You! I am very happy to recommend this agency. It has all worked out beautifully for me and I cannot imagine a better result.


“Best site to find for a latina wife”

12/29/23 Overall Rating: 5.0

I have been a member of this agency-- a platinum member as a matter of fact for proximately 4 years. I found it to be the best site I know to seek a Latina for a bride.


“ I found it to be successful”

11/08/23 Overall Rating: 5.0

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service you provided. I had a great trip and found it to be successful. You were always able to answer my questions and provided good support. As you know, I found that someone special (Karen) and taking it to the next level. I also found Cost Rica to be a beautiful country and plan to come back. Once again I want to say Thank You for your excellent services that you provided.


“Thank you. I found my lady.”

11/26/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I made my 2nd trip to Costa Rica to see my lovely lady I met through this agency. Jessica and I had a wonderful time furthering our relationship and the great chemistry we have together. We are not engaged yet but I did give her a promise ring of my love only for her. She has a U.S. Visa so she is going to come visit me here in Kansas. I want her to see where I live, experience what it's like here in the wintertime and continue furthering our relationship with each other. We talk everyday online and she is the most wonderful woman inside and out.


“Well worth it”

11/09/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

The social tour was little overwhelming at first, a bit intimidating because there were so many beautiful women. But their staff did a great job as far as organization and getting the ladies that I wanted to meet and also with the other guys on the tour. It didn't take long for me to get comfortable though. There was about a hundred girls attending and about 6 or 7 of us guys. So it was a lot of fun and well worth it.



10/24/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I had a great time on the latin tour. Len was great and so was his team of interpreters. The hotel was wonderful and best of all, I met my soulmate there. We are engaged and working on the K1 fiance visa process now. Simply put, it was the wisest investment I've ever made.


“many memorable moments”

10/01/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

After meeting Disney through their website, we decided that our daily e-mails necessitated a personal meeting. The romantic city of Cartagena and their services provided the proper setting for us to develop a more personal relationship. By the fourth day we decided to fly to her beautiful city of Medellin which is nestled in a valley surrounded 360 degrees by majestic mountains. Meeting her family and friends was an unforgettable experience that I will always cherish. Including the tour, I spent five weeks in Colombia with the woman of my dreams. I have had many memorable moments. Our relationship culminated in a commitment of marriage and we continue to live our dream every day.


“Thanks for trip of a lifetime”

09/15/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

Everything the Costa Rica tour delivered was beyond my expectations! I was surprised at how much more attractive the women were compared to their profile pictures. The social was a great opportunity to meet women I would not have chosen from their profile. Guess what? That is exactly who I connected with! I did meet a lady that I want to proceed with the K1 Visa! Had I not connected with Anna on the tour I would go again no doubt.


“Phenomenal tour”

08/07/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I went down to their Latin tour and it was an exciting trip. The ladies I met were a lot more beautiful than I had expected, a lot more friendlier and in fact, the most beautiful women I have ever met. I'm very glad I came on this trip. If any single guy can go down, then they definitely should. You won't believe it until you come. It's absolutely wonderful.


“long time member for a reason”

07/06/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I have been with this agency for more than 3 years and recently had a beautiful experience on the tour to San Jose, Cost Rica. It was very well-organized and professional. Their staff were super friendly and did an impeccable job.


“thank you for all the help you have given me”

06/05/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

My trip went very well and I was pleased with your staff at San Jose. Gustavo was personable and understanding. His help was very important for me with the girl I had met. He has a solid relationship with his staff ,the girls that are signed up and the interpreters. The interpreter I used many times were excellent. Her name was Jessica


“Thank you Gustavo ”

05/17/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

This review is in support of Gustavo's efforts, a staff member in Costa Rica. I had employed this agency to introduce me to the woman who became my wife. Sylvia and I were happily married this weekend and I owe much of this to Gustavo and Costa Rica Women. I am very happy to recommend him and their services. It has all worked out beautifully for me I could not have imagined a better result.


“More than what I actually expected”

04/29/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I just took a trip to Costa Rica and had a blast. It was a great time. In fact, I'd like to go back there maybe sometime in August. I had heard a lot of nice things about Costa Rica and liked the Latino women on this site. So I thought it was the place to be. For the most part, it was better than what I expected. The country has really friendly people, and the women are totally enamored with Americans. I really enjoyed my visit.


“a little pricey but worth it”

04/11/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

If you're into online dating but looking for something serious in costa rica or even latin america, is a terrific option. Been a member for 2 weeks now and I'm enjoying the unique experience so far. The ladies I've come into contact have all been sincere and definitely not here to play games. It is pricier than you regular date sites. However, since I have the resources and a bit of time to search, I am hoping to find my latina partner .


“like what im seeing so far”

03/29/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

Until recently, I had been out of the dating scene for a few years when I decided to do some serious searching again. I quickly created my profile, started searching and was blown away by the sheer quantity of young, gorgeous latina women from all over south america for me to connect with. I will definitely be subscribing to a membership once I plan my itinerary for south amercica later this year.


“I subscribed with serious intentions of finding my better half here”

03/23/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

At first, I found the enormous selection of single ladies a little daunting. But I stayed patient and took advantage of their search features to find the most compatible matches. What I was left with were plenty of choices to consider. From there I narrowed it down even further and started focusing on the ladies I felt most comfortable and attracted to. Since I am still in the selection stage of my search, I am patiently waiting for that one lady who I can commit myself to in order to take my search to that next level. Overall, it's been an interesting journey and I'm excited to see where this all leads to.


“Incredible trip”

02/15/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

My recent trip to San Jose went incredibly well. Andrea from office there was very helpful, especially with all the difficulties related to covid (early curfew, some ladies were worried to go out in public). She did a really good job. I made some friends, and I am continuing the dating. Will see where all this goes, hopefully I will find my life partner.


“ Excellent site”

11/16/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

It's definitely one of the best websites to find your true match and not just a one time fling. I have tried so many dating sites but this one is the best so far. Not only that it makes me feel safe but the ladies here are genuine, not the type to ask money.


“ Just okay ”

10/29/19 Overall Rating: 3.0

The website has a cool interface but it's bombarded with so much words. Because of that it's very hard to find the page I'm looking for.


“ I like it”

10/22/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

It is where I met the person who is my inspiration right now. Although it took some time for me to find her due to so many of them that are beautiful. It's definitely worth the wait.


“Relieved I found this site ”

09/30/19 Overall Rating: 4.0

Wouldn't have to worry a lot about my safety anymore as they have a verification method when I signed up. That's an important factor for me as most scammers target dating sites these days. So, let's see how this goes. For now, it's too early to tell but wish me luck.


“ Beneficial Content”

09/19/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

I am very impressed by the useful content on the site. Read some tips on your blog section and it's very much informative. Keep up the good work people. Hoping to join your singles tours soon!

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