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12/06/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I can't believe somebody would fall for online dating because it's so clear. I change my mind out trying out myself. It is chill and less stressful you can chat and talk without carrying too much. Nice experience.


“A typical, sad scam. It maybe free, but it’s still the same.”

11/19/22 Overall Rating: 2.0

More of the inane, tug at your heartstrings, heartbreaking scum. The only sadder thing about this one is that they actually made you feel like this was very believable. It just makes your stomach turn, when you see how good of a job they did in making this one work. Otherwise, the same ‘ol boring, unbelievable, unfunny bull, as the rest. You can’t make a joke about this.



10/03/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

Great customer service. They walk you through all the features in the website. Although I'm good with using computers and the internet, I can see how other people can benefit greatly if they aren't computer savy. The only drawback of this website would be the cost. It's a bit pricey. But you get what you pay for. If you're serious about finding your right partner, this can really help you. They have great customer service.


“a great experience and great service”

07/26/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I have used many other dating sites in the past and have had my fair share of bad experiences on them, which have lead to some unfortunate scenarios such as scams and even chose to travel to meet someone in person only to find myself stood-up and stranded in a foreign country. The women are amazingly beautiful in looks and personality, they are very genuine and I had really great conversations withe them, i would highly recommend this site to anyone.


“no strings date site”

05/09/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I used to have a favorite casual dating site which worked great, but then other sites started using video chat. That one didn't but it was still better than the most because I actually got dates there. Then I found this gem with awesome features and many members ready to date.


“I found my fiance here!”

10/04/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

Despite hearing a lot of negative feedback about, I am so much grateful for this. It's where I found my fiance and we are getting married very soon. This app is great and allow me to rate this with 5 stars. It is worth it.


“Site is unresponsive”

10/03/19 Overall Rating: 2.0

It badly needs fixing! The site is most of the time unresponsive. Some features don't just work. I am running out of patience for this.


“Finding love is hopeless on this site!”

09/30/19 Overall Rating: 1.0

This is ultimately a waste of time! I'm sorry, but this one is so unpopular. I haven't heard of any good results from the users of this dating site. I've been using this for a week now, but the members are just so unresponsive. I'm hopeless to find love on this platform.


“Feel like getting fooled by this scheme!”

09/15/19 Overall Rating: 1.0

I doubt the profiles are legit. Even the members' photos are so hard to believe. I feel like I'm about to get fooled by this another scheme. I won't allow this to happen.


“ Don't like the site's design”

07/29/19 Overall Rating: 1.0

I don't like the way the site is designed. I don't know much about the technicalities of web developing/designing, but this one is just poorly done. Improve this please!


“Not great for ladies”

03/03/19 Overall Rating: 4.0

I spent most of my time convincing people I was real and a female that gets incredibly annoying.. the other thing on all the flirt sites and there's about four of them for five all of them have the exact same people. Completely identical just join one you don't need to join all four . it's pretty much free so I don't understand why anybody would complain about the cost you don't have to buy anyting and you can still talk to people. so yeah yeah if you going to try something I recommend this but it's the same people and there are a lot of scams and if there isn't a scam you're accused of being one


“Pretty damn good ”

11/04/18 Overall Rating: 3.0 is supposed to be for adults to talk and hook-up. There's chat and video chat and chat rooms. The site gives you search to help you find your ideal person. Joining is simple, with alot of the profile creation process being left for later. Completing your profile will apparently improve your chances of finding a date though, since other members are going to be interested in what you have to say for yourself. It can also match you with members based on what you like. Click & Flirt didn’t blow my mind, but there was enough to make me go back for more. Pricing wasn't bad standard, and there were several attractive local members.



01/11/18 Overall Rating: 1.0

How does the Hard Candy Production Line work ???????????????? 100kva Diesel Generator

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