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“Has potential to be a genuine site”

04/03/24 Overall Rating: 3.0

My experience with this matchmaking site has been mixed while I appreciate the effort I've encountered some issues along the way. There are also areas that need improvement. With some updates to the user interface and as well as better customer service, this site has the potential to be much better.


“Happy with my experience”

11/08/23 Overall Rating: 4.0

I tried this site for the first time and met my future wife. There seemed to be a lot more woman available than on any other site that I had tried before. The process of contacting possible eligible woman was much more easier than on other sites. The very first woman I contacted later married me a few years later so I was very happy with my experience on this dating site.



10/08/22 Overall Rating: 1.0

I signed up for a 3-month trial. I specifically chose that period as I was going to have a surgery after that and I did not want to date for awhile. It looked quite clear that it would end after that, unless I chose to renew. I didn't catch their other charges, never ever received any email from them, so I assumed that it was not renewed. Turns out that they charged my card for 9 months without me catching it. Their response was too bad. I incurred over $300 unauthorized charges.


“infested with criminal scammers”

09/02/22 Overall Rating: 1.0

The site cannot even be rated with one star because, to date, I have seen felon after felon on here. I happen to know these people from background checks and also word of mouth. Although I am not a customer, I do go in for fun and check up on my friends who are on there. Then I saw the felons, one after another. These felons are antisocial and were involved in drugs and crime.


“ I'm looking forward to visiting this page more!”

07/09/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

The site is actually good for those looking to meet black people. They have a lot of people especially black beauties and also they provide you with an opportunity to meet them (granted they are near your area). They are all mostly beautiful and smart girls and are really responsive, I'm looking forward to visiting this page more!


“check this out”

05/02/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I have a homie who use to change his girlfriends on monthly bases. I was surprised that how does this so, I aksed him and he responded that he has an account here and he has got plenty of options to choose his girls. After his recommendation, I registered maself on the site and made four to five girlfriends on the site as well.


“fresh site”

05/02/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I used the other dating sites as well but they were very expensive and most of their profiles were fake but on Black People Meet they are authentic. I personally enjoy my time spent on the website.


“Online dating has never been so easy!”

12/02/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

Single women know this is the perfect place to meet eligible men. Women seeking like-minded single men are poised for success on


“Disappointing ”

11/05/18 Overall Rating: 2.0

This is actually my 2nd time trying BPM & also my 2nd time being very disappointed! "Fool Me Once...." I, like many, thought bc you pay to be on here, that your options would be better. Not! Where do they get these men from? & I use the term men lightly. And the 1out of 1000000 that actually can complete a sentence using proper English is located 9700 miles away. All they want to do is troll pictures & send flirts....Never an actual old are we? I know everything isn't for everybody, & sadly BPM isn't for me. I so wanted to love this site & find a mature, articulate, settled, stable, sane attractive (even semi attractive) Black Man! Well guess what...BLACK PEOPLE MEET DOESN'T HAVE ANY! GO FIGURE! LOL But this is just my experience (twice) You have to be your own judge.


“Start with an open mind and an open heart ”

09/10/18 Overall Rating: 5.0

Don't look for perfection. When I first saw my husband on BPM, it wasn't love at first site. But we exchanged "picture likes," talked on the phone and then we met. He turned out the be the sweetest man I have ever met. We will be married in 11 days and I am so happy. If I could have sat down and written exactly what I wanted, I could not have done better than what God has done. Thank you God and BPM!


“Stick with it. Don't give up! ”

06/03/18 Overall Rating: 5.0

I was on blackpeople meet early. Met men from all over the country. I was disappointed at first .Got off. I tried it one more time and then I met this person who turned out to be very crazy!! I rushed to get off the site. I get a message from someone. I paused and saw he lived near me in Texas . Very attractive ,he's atrracted to me. We talked for months. I found out he had the same diapointments I had and was rushing to get off as well. We had so much in common. We finally met and became unseperable!!! We know that it was meant for us to meet. He is the most loving man I have ever met. You know that you know it is love!!! Well we are in our 2nd year together. Engaged and love each other dearly. What I am saying to any of you who gets on this site. If you are truly looking or hoping to meet your soul mate. You will have to really search yourself,be patient , you will know when it's time to get off the site. Listen to what is being said to you. Use good sense if you have good sense you can easily discern if someone is deceiving you. I wish you all luck. By the grace of God , we found each other at this time of our lives. Who would have thought that I would be saying that?


“Acceptable, if you have sense. ”

04/15/18 Overall Rating: 4.0

I was on this site for about 7 months, on and off. Met a couple of guys for dates. I was selective in who I contacted, and they turned out to be legit. They were people well-employed in the DelMarVa area. I then met one that I dated exclusively for about 4 months, after which we mutually agreed to stop seeing each other. Then, I got back on for a final month. I met four guys in that period. Two were definitely looking for a hook-up on the first date. However, it is up to you as a woman (or man) to let people know that is not going to happen. Some want to continue to see you after you say no. Others will not call again. I did have a lovely time with the guy I dated for 4 months. Got a nice vacation trip out of it. You just have to be selective in who you contact and know that some women have evidently been talking on the phone to guys on this site for a while, and when they meet up, they have sex with them. You can't know someone well enough to have sex with them just because you talked on the phone a few times. Beware.


“Met my lady ”

02/17/18 Overall Rating: 3.0

BPM is your typical dating site. You will have to pay to send messages back and forth if you find someone you are interested in. I was on the site for about 2 days when I decided to message this beautiful woman and to my amazement she wrote back. We sent messages to each other constantly for about a week before we decided to switch over to kik. We had great conversations and was honest with each other early on. I am happy to report that we are building a solid relationship and she's everything that I ever wanted in a partner. I believe in the law of attraction and she was sent to me via BPM. I could never ask for a better woman to spend my life with!

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