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“no fakes”

09/12/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I don't normally review anything. Just a bit of info for all you guys out there. Was using the site non stop for 2 weeks, but after that my local pool just drained. OK, my town is not too big, but still I was expecting more. Other than that, the site is safe, no fakes, and fun to use. I think if you're from a big city, you won't have such problems.


“Useless app”

06/22/22 Overall Rating: 1.0

I asked to be matched with people 50 miles around where I live. They have been sending me mostly people from Ontario, Quebec and Washington State. I don't know what the maps in Texas look like, but my map here clearly shows that Ontario, etc. are all further away than 50 miles from Vancouver Island! Shame on you for taking my money and getting my hopes up. What a scam.


“Has potential, but just not there”

11/12/18 Overall Rating: 3.0

I was on this site for a very long time, on and off for about 3 years in total... The site does have allot going for it, yet it also has some very bad aspects too. Example... The database is meant to consist of 4 million users world wide... however when you create a new account you always get the same responses AKA the scam girl problem is HUGE on this sitehowever this can be very annoying, since... the site does have a fairly well used blog area - for free, this is a great place to chill and talk to the regular users the forum used to be free but recently they changed this... only the less used areas are now free... So it really isn't worth using! Myself, I made a lot of friends on the site - however meets? Not very good at all... Although you can find genuine users via what is still usable in the forum and the blog area, generally you find these people are on the site for those areas alone, and not there for meets etc... There are a few girls on the forum that flirt endlessly. Overall I would say... the site has a lot of potential and is possibly better than a good few other sites of a similar sized database, but it really does fail short in so many areas; i would avoid it!


“Ripped Off. Not happy ”

10/22/18 Overall Rating: 1.0

Benaughty is a scam site. If you create a profile you will get spammed by fake users. If you take out a three day pass they will bill you automatically for another. Dont think you can cancel before the end of the three days as they want three days notice to cancel and you get charged anyway. 'Customer service' is a contradiction in terms, they have no interest at all and just arrogantly tell you they dont give refunds. Do yourself a favour have nothing to do with this site and never give them your card details. You have been warned.


“Scamming it up! ”

10/16/18 Overall Rating: 1.0

This site, & many other of it's affiliates, are a complete scam. The host has several other sites running the same scheme. You think your talking to actual women, but soon realize with the meaningless responses, it's a bot. Somehow I got sucked into a few without my consent until I cancelled my card. The same exact profile on different sites couldn't recall convos previous. All want a erotic chat, nothing more. Way too many scammers on profiles wanting you to pay for verification to meet, or give your number, which leads to sites to pay for videos. When I started noticing discrepancies I began a tirade of obscene messages, which led to responses that were completely off subject, & didn't make any sense. Don't waste your money, or get sucked into a barrage of sites that never end, & can't seem to cancel. If you fell victim, change your card. You'll never get away from all the free sites & gimmicks that rack up bills, without a hookup. More useful to smash your anatomy with a hammer than potential on here. Don't take my word, or many others , try it, or actually, don't.


“Legit or P.O.S.?”

09/19/18 Overall Rating: 2.0

I have been a paid up member of Benaughty now for just over a week. Initially I received more interest then I could shake a stick at. But once the original interest wained I am now receiving very few contacts. Several of the profiles are clearly fake, photo's so obviously taken in America, double profiles, where the same photo is posted with two completely different names and sometimes even different ages! Scams too, a member contacts you, interested in exchanging email addresses and follows that up with trying to get you to go to a certain web site, pay per view sort of thing. I am fed up with this site and at the end of my 1 month subscription I will be stopping my membership. Would I recommend this site to others? No way! Leave it. Its too expensive and too many members are fake or from other countries not UK! That's is not to say there are legit profiles, of course there are! But for me this site is rubbish and would never come back to any pay dating site. Use the site, but be careful! Just too many strange and weird people on here.


“Not worth it”

04/18/18 Overall Rating: 2.0

If you live close to a bigger city area, then sure, there's a chance there might be people near you. There's a chat room, to talk to real people from across the country, and you can send Winks, Likes, to people that come up in your searches, on their profile pages. But, if you live in a small, rural area it'd be hard to find people who want to date you. It also seems most people are on there for long-term type relationships, and not into casual dating. As for the Bots sending you Msg's or the ones auto-replying for people on there? If you don't believe the other reviewers, then try replying to them with a sick, disgusting story of how you like to have sex. You'll get a reply back that ignores what you said, as most of those replies do. I swapped chat sentences with 6 real people, that's it. That's all. I'm sure the Bots are used to keep things seeming like it's nothing but non-stop party on there, but it's all fake. I don't know where they get all the young chicks' half-nude pics to put on there, maybe the girls get paid for them. Keep all this in mind if you dare to try the site.

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