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“all good”

09/13/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

Everything is cool here. There are many profiles, of course there are fakes as everywhere. But most of the guys are quite adequate. I met with a businessman a couple of days ago. A very nice guy. Gave me a romantic date.


“stay away”

06/15/22 Overall Rating: 1.0

My account was hacked and my personal information was stolen. had no explanation for this. Their solution was to delete my account and my profile from their server and then they suggested that I start all over again. Duh! . Try this for yourself! Again, is not a secure website, and if you join, understand that all of your information is out there for the taking. Stay away from these people!



04/29/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

If you are looking for your life partner who understands you like no one else than you should make your account on like me. I am now living a happy life with my partner. She is so beautiful and kind to me. Just a few days after my joining, I got her message and then we started dating each other. As the days passing by, I fell in love with her and I proposed her. Now, we are living in an apartment happily. I am very thankful to the admin for his efforts to make our relationship more durable and more reliable.


“so far so good”

03/14/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

The app has been fantastic and I have seen interesting profiles of beautiful people from my clime to connect with. As a single dad, I'm looking forward to tie the knot with an amazing single mom. It's looking achievable, so far so good; I have absolutely nothing to complain about the site


“It's good, not great”

02/27/19 Overall Rating: 3.0

Been here for some time and In IMHO it worths if you have premium account to get dates etc for free its account people ts an EGO game, witch is good if you have good self esteem. People have to accept their flaws. i had not been rated "beautiful" and "hmm ok" i got a verified account wich means im Royal Realand Beautiful before this site was created and all i have to say is that i still keep up to my Teens or i like to think.I wasn´t even may not be the preetier by thesubjective standarts of some Ugly Envious people so many Ugly ppl of this planet on universe but quite im know im quite good im WHITE AND BLOND but actually i rated and een rated countless of people of all races from all over the world. The idea orginal idea is being a selective site for Beautiful genetically blessed people wich i am so thankfull to my parents and their genes. Nowdays it seems non selected and full of scams and some ugly people need more norther women from all races. its still an alternative for other websites like this. if your honest youll get honest feeddack lots of scamers easilly detected it been rated plenty of things there must be some automated Systems.


“Not a dating site. More of a shallow popularity content. ”

11/11/18 Overall Rating: 2.0 should not be thought of as a dating site. If you get voted "in," you'll see a lot of profiles with photos, but very few with any description of who the person is (interests, background, etc.). Most people, like me, joined just out of curiosity to see if they'll get voted in. One thing that interested me was that claimed people who are voted in can get a report on the demographics of who did and did not vote for you as "Beautiful." After paying the fee for one month of "Premium" service, this report turned out to be nothing more than a random selection of 20 or so people who voted me as "Beautiful." One thing I would have liked to have seen is the total number of votes, especially since the percentages of how many people thought I was "Beautiful" swung wildly throughout the 48-hour voting period, which leads me to suspect there are very few people actually casting votes. The customer service is poor; when I asked a question I got a half answer and didn't get a response to my follow-up. Another bad thing about this site is that it seems to have been put together by an amateur (lots of bugs and links that don't work, etc.).


“Waste of time ”

10/29/18 Overall Rating: 1.0

I've been on the sight for 2 months. There are a lot of pictures with pretty women, but they are almost all fake. I have sent out messages to 71 different women. 17 have replied and 14 turned out to be scams. NONE of them have an Iphone where you can FaceTime. Almost all of them want to converse through email instead of texting. When I call, they don't answer the phone. I went through the process with a couple of them and they immediately started asking for money to repair their phone or computer. This sight is USELESS!


“Beautiful people, beautiful experience. ”

02/11/18 Overall Rating: 5.0

The site was very good and I don't see why people calling it scam. Stop complaining it's a scam when you didn't try to purchase premium membership. I was there for fun and dating, and fun and dating cannot happen when we don't have enough funds - that's a given. If you wanna get laid badly without paying anyone or any hustle then stop whining and just go to any trash online sites that makes money by selling your information to other scams. Oh and by the way, I just have the best day of life yesterday because of Don't see why anyone else wouldn't want to do the same.


“The women don't seem that special, but the site is. ”

12/07/17 Overall Rating: 4.0

Good news first: I was accepted! I totally disagree with anyone claiming that this site is a scam. I think this site is above average and don't see any reason to believe it is a scam. I did meet someone so at least two users are real her and me. But let's be honest here: Most women are average looking and Photoshop is their favorite tool. In my opinion the average user on BeautifulPeople is not better looking than the average user on other well established dating sites like Mingle2day. Keep that in mind when browsing the member base for Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima :)))

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