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“This experience was very memorable for me”

05/28/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

It was very easy because I’ve had a lot of experience with Latin culture in my military career and I’ve always appreciated the friendliness and warmth of Latino people. It was extremely easy for me to talk to her because I knew quite a bit already and I knew the questions I wanted to ask her.


“All in all I had a very good time”

05/03/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

I’m was in Lima, Peru with this agency and it is my first time in Lima and first time in Peru. I had a very good time. I had the opportunity to meet many very young, intelligent, and attractive young Peruvian ladies. All in all I had a very good time. It was a very interesting tour and it’s just an experience I’m happy I had the opportunity to undertake.


“The most unreal and yet fantastic experience”

04/09/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

The girls that you go out there to meet will blow away your expectations even with the socials, which are just the most unreal and yet fantastic experiences of your life. Even with the great weather in the great city, the highlight of the tour for me was actually meeting the staff at this agency. These are some of the friendliest people I've ever met in my entire life. These are people of genuinely excellent character. I think these literally some friends that I'm gonna keep for life.


“Had the time of my life”

02/29/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

I have taken only one tour and that’s was to Dominican Republic and had the time of my life. Besides meeting very beautiful women and enjoying their company I met the other people in the group and we entertained each other with conversation about our escapades There was a mutual respect and camaraderie. The things that occur on this tour were laughable and if any man goes on a dating site it should be this agency. It gives a wide view of match making and the most enjoyable time of your life.


“Had the most wonderful experience”

02/28/24 Overall Rating: 5.0

I had the most wonderful experience in Peru than I have had in more than 40 years! I am back in St Petersburg, Florida to regroup, wash clothes, and pack again. I am returning to Lima tomorrow to spend 7 more days with a special lady I meet during the second social. I never had her on my radar. The funny thing is she was one of the last ones I had a date with just 10 hours before I left. I did not want to leave after I meet her and our date went on for a long time. All of us agreed you should never cancel a date and you should meet all your dates you have up to the last minute. For me, I found a diamond and I will see where she takes me!


“Thanks for the trip of a lifetime and introducing me to my future wife”

12/28/23 Overall Rating: 5.0

I was surprised at how much more attractive the women were compared to their profile pictures. The social was a great opportunity to meet women I would not have chosen from their profile. Guess what? That is exactly who I connected with! I did meet a lady that I want to proceed with the K1 Visa!. Everything the Costa Rica tour delivered was beyond my expectations!


“The women want true love.”

11/06/23 Overall Rating: 5.0

The women here, in my opinion, are very good. They’re good looking in addition to being smart in general and also they seem to have good values. Some of the cities I’ve been to, the women weren’t necessarily interested in the men. While here in my opinion, the Peruvian women are interested in finding their true love.


“It was more than I expected”

11/05/23 Overall Rating: 5.0

AFA tour is my first tour and I really didn’t know how to expect it but I have been pleasantly surprised, everything has been well-organized, and I couldn’t ask for a better tour. It was actually better than anything I’ve dreamed of.


“Thank you”

12/07/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I want to thank this organization for getting me connected with Jessica. I wrote many letters to other woman, two trips to Eastern Europe (no chemistry). They set up an individual tour for me to go and meet her. I hopped on a plane and met her on a blind date for dinner and well here we are!! You guys are correct in saying don't write letters just get on a plane and go!


“Thank you”

11/18/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I want to thank this agency for creating such an amazing company, giving men an opportunity to change their lives with a quality woman from another country. I had a good feeling about them but I honestly did not expect to have the most amazing time of my life, keeping in mind that I have traveled all over the world prior to going on this Latin tour. The number one reason that this tour was successful was because of their outstanding service.



10/22/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I immensely enjoyed my first Latin tour. The weather was fabulous, the locals warm and friendly, the cuisine delicious, and there were plenty of cool things to do. The staff were excellent and everything was well-organized. They checked in with me every day to make sure I was okay and if I needed anything. Guys who are considering a tour really need to go. You won't regret it. The girls are lovely, well-educated, and place strong emphasis on family. I plan on a return trip this year; I have a few girls I am considering, but if none of them work out, I have full confidence in this agency to help me find The One.


“Thank you”

09/13/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

I just got back from San Jose, Costa Rica. I want to complement Gustavo the tour leader. He was incredible. He worked hard to ensure that all the guys had a good time and plenty of contacts with women while we were there. I can call him a good friend and without his extraordinary hard work the trip would not have been successful.


“great support”

08/24/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

Thank you for your membership service. It was very professional, well organized and complete with great support whenever I had a question or needed help on an issue. My questions were quickly answered.


“Thank you. I found my lady.”

07/19/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

I made my 2nd trip to Costa Rica to see my lovely lady I met through this agency. Jessica and I had a wonderful time furthering our relationship and the great chemistry we have together. We are not engaged yet but I did give her a promise ring of my love only for her. She has a U.S. Visa so she is going to come visit me here in Kansas. I want her to see where I live, experience what it's like here in the wintertime and continue furthering our relationship with each other. We talk everyday online and she is the most wonderful woman inside and out.


“More than I expected”

07/02/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

This was my first time on their Latin tour to Costa Rica. I wanted to find out what it was like to be in another country and I enjoyed every moment of it. The ladies I met there were more than I expected. I was very shocked that I made a really good connection with one of the ladies who was not even on my meet list. The other ladies that I met were gorgeous and everything that I expected. It's just we didn't have a connection and that was alright. That's what it was all about, meeting people - and you cannot guarantee anything when it comes to that.


“great way to test the waters ”

06/27/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

Great site, so many gorgeous and friendly Latinas , plus its a easy sign-up. Already have a few that I regularly chat up daily . The ones I met so far are super sweet and engaging, to say the least. What a great way to test the waters into mail order bride, and it comes without any major commitments to start.


“Excellent service”

06/10/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

Their service has been excellent. Honestly, I have had no difficulties whatsoever and I've spoken with Peter several times on the phone and through email. He's a very friendly gentleman. I say he takes a special interest in each of his clients which is somewhat of a rarity with other agencies. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to come to South America to find a bride.


“Beautiful experience”

06/04/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

Touring Medellin was a beautiful experience. I've traveled a lot of cities in the world and this one was up there as one of the best. The weather is amazing there, it's paradise. Never really too hot, too cold nor humid. The women I met from this agency were just incredibly beautiful, very humble and willing to meet me. I think that if you don’t have game where you are, you’ll have game here. It’s impossible not to.


“First tour”

04/08/22 Overall Rating: 4.0

You hear how many girls there will be on their social tours and you don’t really believe it. But there were probably 22-23 guys and there were so many girls, we couldn’t even get to them. It was unbelievable. Like 150 girls there. I’m very particular and I like girls who are model-quality. I would say at least 25% of those girls could be professional models. And the ones who couldn’t have been were still very beautiful. They were funny, they laughed, and they had a good time. The girls were looking at me like I was a stud and it was really fun because they all wanted to come and talk to me.


“I'm joining their tour and I can't wait”

03/29/22 Overall Rating: 5.0

The site is perfect for guys like me looking to find a devoted Latina. I've already connected with two fine women from Colombia. Huge selection of genuine, gorgeous ladies to choose from and also provide you with every opportunity to meet in person on their many singles tours scheduled all over South America. The tours are a little pricey, but if you've got the money to invest on your future bride, it just might save you years of searching and make it all worthwhile.


“ A website you can depend on at this time.”

03/04/20 Overall Rating: 5.0

Registration is free but it's not a scam site. Also, there are thousands of profiles you can view with clear photos not the blurry ones like other dating sites where you need to pay a couple of bucks to see it! Hah!. Things you need to know about their singles tour are already made available on the site too. Looking forward to be part of it. Of course, as soon as this virus thing is over


“Having trouble finding pages I want to be in”

01/25/20 Overall Rating: 4.0

The site's too wordy which makes it look unorganized. If you can do something about it, that would really help a senior like me. Thank you


“ I hate that this site doesn't have an app yet.”

11/25/19 Overall Rating: 3.0

The site is okay but I was kinda hoping to do video calls or live chat on the app. Hoping that your developers will get into this soon.


“Impressive emotions ”

10/18/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

Wonderful site am so impressed about what am seeing ,but how I meet a lady here because my intension of joining this site is to get a woman I can chart with and maybe develop our interest .


“Joined their most recent singles tours!”

09/08/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

I still can't believe that I was part of it. It was more like a fantasy before. What I can say is it was worth every minute and penny! I got to choose who I want to take out on a date among hundreds of women who took part of the socials event. Also, I got the chance to visit numbers of tourist spots on the city. You'll never get lost because a tour guide will be with you. Ultimately, I found the love of my life and I'm more than grateful.


“So far haven't found a fake profile”

07/04/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

Unlike other sites out there where profiles seems sketchy since the women's profiles mostly consist of porn photos, this one is different. I can finally get somebody to talk with the right way and not just someone who keeps on asking money. Keep it up!


“Are you for real? ”

05/22/19 Overall Rating: 3.0

This site is an exploitation of women I'm sure. Would beautiful, sexy latinas really want to meet dudes from other countries? Why? They don't have guys in their countries? Granted, I've never visited or tried it, but I think it doesn't work. 3 stars.


“Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful”

04/15/19 Overall Rating: 4.0

If you are looking for beautiful women, you've found the right place. That they are latina doesn't hurt either. The concept is kind of archaic as there's no chat, but i guess that also keeps you from lying gold diggers who are actually 300 lb guys named Chuck in their mom's basement. They actually send letters snail mail apparently. Seems like something out of the 50's to me but whatever. Gotta say though, I got a couple of mine back and there's maybe something to it. They apparently don't want to you to be sending letters but actually going to the events, which makes them more money, but also makes sense. If you can only talk in letters then I guess you have to go meet up. Paper can't beat a living, breathing woman. Going to an event soon and may have to update this review afterwards.


“Looks good to me. ”

01/20/19 Overall Rating: 5.0

Just starting out here. Looking around. Liking what I'm seeing. Only complaint is that there is no chat. Why have the women if you can't talk to them?


“More latin ladies than you can shake a stick at. ”

12/12/18 Overall Rating: 5.0

Boy howdy, when they said you could meet and talk to lots of Latinas, they weren't joking. Sent some letters. Got a lot back. Then I went to one of their events south of the border and I do believe it was the best time I've ever had with a hundred women in a room. Might be the only occasion of me having time with 100 women in a room though. Met my girl Lizabeth in Colombia and can't complain about a damn thing. Keep it up!



12/09/18 Overall Rating: 5.0

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