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Dating Sites: Pros, Cons, and Red Flags
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When it comes to online dating, there are a lot of questions and uncertainties that come your way. After all, a lot of negative feedback was written and posted on the internet about it. But, using it in a positive way will definitely grant you what you’ve been looking for.

While it is true that some dating sites cannot meet our standards, the handlers or owners, however, are continually adjusting to the changing stance of social dating. With this scenario, not all dating sites are perfect and some services being offered are often misleading.

For further and simpler explanations, here are the Pros and Cons of Online Dating:

Online Dating: Tips for Writing a Great Dating Profile
learn how to write a great dating profile

With online dating becoming a new venue for romance and with a lot of people as competition, your profile is your only ticket to getting what you are looking for. And creating a great dating profile is not as easy as it sounds.

To succeed in online dating is to have a great profile. Your profile is your first impression to anyone who might click your name. There's a saying that the first impression lasts, and making a good first impression is something you should aim for.

Create a great dating profile page that will make anyone mail you in a heartbeat! Here is a checklist for writing your profile:

  • When Choosing Adjectives
  • How You Live Your Life
  • What are You Looking for
  • Who are You Looking for
  • Grammar and Spelling Check
  • Upload a Profile Picture
Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Date a Latina
dating Latin women

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How to Write an Attractive Dating Profile

 man typing on laptop Learn how to write an attractive dating profile. | Photo by ID 27707 on Pixabay

Nowadays, dating is as easy as pressing a button. The internet has certainly made it more convenient not only to meeting people but even interacting with those that are from another country (even another continent). And the best part is you also get to know a little bit of your potential matches by going through their online dating profile.

And when you’ve signed up on dating sites for singles, there’s a chance that women are also checking out your profile. The question is are any of them interested. The only way to find out, of course, is when one of them sends you a private message. Or you could also initiate an online conversation and allow her to check out your profile at her own time.

Creating your profile is actually one of the first things you have to do once you sign up on an online dating site. And if you want to pique a woman’s interest, learn how to write a dating profile that is both interesting and authentic (in a sense that you don’t seem disingenuous). You should also include aspects of yourself that are good conversation starters.

Learning how to write a dating profile for a man who isn’t used to online dating isn’t as hard as you think. Think of it as writing a resume only for dating. The goal is to put yourself in a positive light so that women can give you the time of day.

While crafting an online profile isn’t rocket science, there are some tried and tested tips that can help you get the right kind of attention from the ladies. Here are some of them:

  1. Fill up everything
  2. And don’t even bother putting NA (not applicable) in some fields. Unless you’re an agent for the CIA, there should be no reason you can’t fill up all the fields of your dating profile. If you leave anything out, anyone who would look at it would immediately think you’re not being totally honest by conveniently leaving out some things.

    In most dating sites, they won’t be asking you for information that is deemed too personal. All of them were carefully thought of to help you get the right attention and, of course, reveal your personality a little bit.

    All in all, there’s no harm in completely filling up your profile. Doing so also increases your online presence because there is a chance you would show up multiple searches.

  3. Use your sense of humor
  4. To avoid sounding flat and emotionless, insert a few jokes in your bio. Humor is not only good for breaking the ice but also to impress potential matches. Jokes also show a lighter side of you. Although there’s nothing wrong with letting everyone know all the success you’ve made in life, you also don’t want women to be intimidated by it.

    And you can also tell a lot from a woman based on what she finds funny. If she laughs at your jokes (or at least appreciates them), chances are you have other things in common. In a way, jokes help you find out which women are compatible with you or not.

  5. Use your own material
  6. But just because you can insert jokes doesn’t mean you should plagiarize them. The internet has certainly made it easier to verify information; so if you used someone else’s joke, especially if it came from a famous comedian, she would definitely find out.

    While the internet has some benefits, dating through the screen is still a lot different than dating in person. Because of this boundary, there are some users tempted to make up stuff about themselves in order to impress women.

    However, you should refrain from doing this because there is still a high chance she would find out, especially if you have an active social media presence. The fallout from such a discovery would not only ruin your reputation but also ruin your chances from meeting other women. The worst case scenario is you might even be banned from the dating site.

  7. Exercise some humility
  8. It’s one thing to be proud of your achievements, it’s another to brag about them online. Even if you’ve won all sorts of awards and recognitions, listing all of them down might make you seem like you’re overcompensating.

    Instead, just give a general idea of what you do and what you’re good at. If a woman is interested and asks questions, that’s when you can start sharing some of your accomplishments. In the meantime, keep them simple or at least enough to paint a picture of what you’re really like in the profile section.

  9. But don’t be too self-deprecating
  10. Although you don’t want to take yourself too seriously, you also shouldn’t put yourself down, especially when crafting your profile. The point of learning how to write a dating profile is to attract women—not drive them away.

    Make sure you poke fun at yourself just enough to show that you have a sense of humor. Anything beyond that just makes you look sad and depressed. Women tend to go for men with a healthy dose of self-confidence.

  11. Minimize internet slang and jargon
  12. One of the downsides of this digital age is people don’t tend to mind their grammar and sentence structure as much as they used to. You might think following this trend would make you sound hip and cool, but it’s actually the opposite. Not only are you uncool, but doing so makes you seem illiterate (and maybe even stupid).

    When filling up your profile, better spell the words correctly and form sound and coherent sentences. Aside from sounding educated and smart, this shows that you put the right amount of effort to craft your profile. This can also imply that you aren’t reckless and impulsive.

All in all, just try to write a profile that best represents who you really are. If you pretend to be someone else, you attract the wrong kind of woman. And to boost your chances of finding the right women, make sure to upload flattering recent pictures of yourself. This way, women who check out your profile could put a face behind the winning personality.

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