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Dating Sites: Pros, Cons, and Red Flags
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When it comes to online dating, there are a lot of questions and uncertainties that come your way. After all, a lot of negative feedback was written and posted on the internet about it. But, using it in a positive way will definitely grant you what you’ve been looking for.

While it is true that some dating sites cannot meet our standards, the handlers or owners, however, are continually adjusting to the changing stance of social dating. With this scenario, not all dating sites are perfect and some services being offered are often misleading.

For further and simpler explanations, here are the Pros and Cons of Online Dating:

Online Dating: Tips for Writing a Great Dating Profile
learn how to write a great dating profile

With online dating becoming a new venue for romance and with a lot of people as competition, your profile is your only ticket to getting what you are looking for. And creating a great dating profile is not as easy as it sounds.

To succeed in online dating is to have a great profile. Your profile is your first impression to anyone who might click your name. There's a saying that the first impression lasts, and making a good first impression is something you should aim for.

Create a great dating profile page that will make anyone mail you in a heartbeat! Here is a checklist for writing your profile:

  • When Choosing Adjectives
  • How You Live Your Life
  • What are You Looking for
  • Who are You Looking for
  • Grammar and Spelling Check
  • Upload a Profile Picture
Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Date a Latina
dating Latin women

Women running in beaches. Ladies dancing in party clubs. Gals strolling down on the streets of Cartagena or Lima. Whatever city or country in Latin America these women may be part in, still, taking into account the possible bases in dating Latin women is of great significance. But who are Latinas? What are they capable of?

Why Do Interracial Relationships Last Longer?

woman of color and black American couple Do interracial relationships last longer? Find it out.>

Interracial relationships can pose more challenges than same-race ones. But that doesn’t mean it will be a very difficult thing for couples to work on. Questions, like “Do interracial relationships last longer than same-race ones?" will have subjective answers because such kind of relationships are judged on a case by case basis.

Just like any other kind of relationship, couples need to reconcile with their differences. But for interracial couples, they need to work harder to overcome their differences.

There will always be differences, but for interracial couples, dealing with those differences takes a heavier weight. Although that’s one of the most common among interracial relationships problems, there are interracial relationships do last.

Despite the additional battles couples with different ethnicities face, here are why and how they can make it work:

They respect each other’s value system

Marrying or dating a foreign woman also means marrying her culture no matter how different it may be. The fact is, most people think that interracial dating is merely about dating people with a different skin color. But it’s actually about dating someone who’s got a different culture, set of traditions, and belief systems than them.

Long-term mixed race couples realize early on how important it is to accept their disparate value systems. Despite their diverse backgrounds, these couples manage to connect through shared interests, respect, and accept each other’s discrepancies.

They’re always curious about each other

If you’re Caucasian dating an Asian woman, you have to learn about setting aside your assumptions and forgetting stereotypes. Interracial marriages that lasted incredible long occur because the couples don’t assume that their partners like or dislike something just because of their ethnicity or race. They’re genuinely curious about each other, continually discovering their partner’s view of the world and interests.

They address racism

Like it or not, there will be times that one side of the couples’ family may have issues with the others’ race or skin color, which is especially true for black men in interracial relationships. For most couples, they may either shy away from this issue or become over-defensive.

In the case of the former, these couples may think that since they dated or married the person, the issue is irrelevant (given that love will always prevail). There are also couples that take on a very defensive stance, resulting in more family tension.

If you’re in an interracial relationship (wheither just dating or already married), perhaps you encountered family members who do not accept or accommodate your partner. The best way to handle this is to address the issue immediately.

Couples in mixed races who’ve been together for a long time have dealt with this by being very open about each other. From time to time, they also defend their partners against racist comments and attitude.

Most of the time, communication puts an end to all disagreements. So if you should have to go through this, you need to openly discuss with your partner how she feels as well as how you feel about it. You need to validate her feelings on how it impacted her as well as to you.

Sharing your common beliefs with the close-minded family members will go a long way compared to challenging the beliefs and customs they are fixated in. Doing so will only end heartaches and arguments.

They feel closer to each other

When couples think that they are judged for being an interracial couple, it makes them feel closer to each other and share everything together. However, this may lead to a lack of boundaries in the relationship, especially online.

For example, by getting access to each other’s social media accounts, you might be tempted to snoop on her inbox or wall when she’s not looking. To overcome this urge, deal with the issues themselves and not check your partners’ text messages and social networks.

They know that other peoples’ opinions matter less

It may be hard to accept if your own family and friends hurl opinions against your choice partner. At the end of the day, other people’s opinion of your relationship doesn’t matter—it’s the love you have with your partner that will.

Instead of taking their input by heart, resolve your own insecurities about the issue since this can affect the way you communicate with your partner.

Cross-cultural marriages end up successful when they don’t take other peoples’ comments to heart about their choice of a partner.

There are no superiority complexes

Interracial couples date and marry not because they dislike their own race, but because they don’t have preconceived ideas about each other’s races. However, not all couples have the same healthy notions like that. In some cases, one partner may make suggestions that one ethnicity is more superior than the other.

If you’re that person in the relationship, you should see how your partner may react. If her body language or tone of voice suggests she didn’t appreciate the comment, better rethink making comments like that and analyze why you feel the need to point out the supposed superiority of your race.

What may be the real problem you are actually dealing with? Partners who say things as “now you can hang out with a white guy with money" are usually insecure and need to deal with their own emotional issues to stem these racist tendencies.

They teach each other forever

Given your differences in language and beliefs, you both would have to explain to each other a lot. But that’s the hidden bliss in interracial marriages or relationships. Couples always discover something new from each other, making it far from stagnant and boring.

They are constantly teaching and learning from each other. Being in interracial relationship signs you up for a cultural adventure of a lifetime (that is if you get married). This is one of the greatest interracial relationships facts you just can’t overlook.

They befriend others who are also in a mixed-race relationship

Your foreign partner would be clamoring for someone who understands her experiences of being an immigrant. Seeing other couples who successfully went through the same struggles as you two have can encourage both of you to fight for your relationship.

So, do interracial relationships last longer than the normal same-race relationship? It does when the couples themselves fight through thick and thin for the relationship.

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