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Dating Sites: Pros, Cons, and Red Flags
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When it comes to online dating, there are a lot of questions and uncertainties that come your way. After all, a lot of negative feedback was written and posted on the internet about it. But, using it in a positive way will definitely grant you what you’ve been looking for.

While it is true that some dating sites cannot meet our standards, the handlers or owners, however, are continually adjusting to the changing stance of social dating. With this scenario, not all dating sites are perfect and some services being offered are often misleading.

For further and simpler explanations, here are the Pros and Cons of Online Dating:

Online Dating: Tips for Writing a Great Dating Profile
learn how to write a great dating profile

With online dating becoming a new venue for romance and with a lot of people as competition, your profile is your only ticket to getting what you are looking for. And creating a great dating profile is not as easy as it sounds.

To succeed in online dating is to have a great profile. Your profile is your first impression to anyone who might click your name. There's a saying that the first impression lasts, and making a good first impression is something you should aim for.

Create a great dating profile page that will make anyone mail you in a heartbeat! Here is a checklist for writing your profile:

  • When Choosing Adjectives
  • How You Live Your Life
  • What are You Looking for
  • Who are You Looking for
  • Grammar and Spelling Check
  • Upload a Profile Picture
Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Date a Latina
dating Latin women

Women running in beaches. Ladies dancing in party clubs. Gals strolling down on the streets of Cartagena or Lima. Whatever city or country in Latin America these women may be part in, still, taking into account the possible bases in dating Latin women is of great significance. But who are Latinas? What are they capable of?

How COVID19 Has Changed Online Dating

A photo of a lady with corona virus note behind her Learn how the COVID19 pandemic has changed online dating. | Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

Can you possibly find love during a global pandemic?

With most countries put under lockdown and social distancing measures enforced in communities, one would think it’s difficult or close to impossible. If humans genuinely want something, few things can prevent their wishes from happening.

This can be said of pursuing romantic relationships, judging from how the online dating industry has been positively affected since global lockdowns were implemented.

But what is it about being shut up indoors for an indeterminate amount of time that makes people seek romantic connections, even with those that live thousands of miles from where they are? If you like to read online dating articles, you can probably think of several reasons.

People are understandably lonely due to the restrictions that are in place. People need some form of affection in order to sustain a healthy standard of living. Or many single people could be close to experiencing an emotional breakdown over the lack of physical communication they experience.

It seems that imposed physical isolation has driven people to go out of their way in trying to forge emotional connections. Pre-pandemic, one could simply visit social gathering spots in their community to meet people or visit cinemas or coffee shops to go on dates.

But in the COVID19 era, with most establishments either temporarily closed or operating at limited hours, it has forced people to become creative in the way they connect with others.

Let’s find out the various ways the COVID19 pandemic has changed the way we date:

COVID-19 has normalized online dating.

Virtual dating has certainly become more of a norm even among people who before would probably scoff at the idea of talking to a stranger online as opposed to meeting that same stranger in a bar.

Dating sites and apps have certainly seen an increase in the number of users and level of activity on their servers. If anything, it has made people more open to the idea that you can connect with others on a genuine level even if they are thousands of miles away, just as long as you remain honest and open to each other.

COVID-19 has changed the way people meet.

Video calls and chats have taken the place of in-person dates. The best free online dating sites offer such services, and people are taking full advantage of them.

Not being physically together, however, has not prevented people from setting up creative virtual dates. Some couples have dinner or watch movies simultaneously while communicating with each other via the internet.

One advantage of these virtual dates is that you get to have more chances of talking to your potential partner on a deeper level as there are zero to minimal distractions.

COVID-19 has made people slow down.

Because the chance to meet in person is difficult as of now, people have focused on getting to know one another deeply and slowly as opposed to just going quickly to the next level: hooking up.

Before, couples would have one or two dates where they’d get to know each other on a superficial level, and then they’d engage in sexual activity.

Now, with the chance to make things physical out of the question as of the moment, couples are now taking their sweet time in the courtship stage. This gives them the chance to get to know their potential partners on a deeper level so they can find out if they are the right fit for each other.

This new way of dating can be beneficial to couples in the long run, whether or not they do end up together. If they do, they’d each have attained a greater and genuine understanding of one another, which helps them in their relationship.

If not, there’s less heartbreak and wasted time because both parties took the time to become fully acquainted with each other before becoming emotionally or physically invested.

COVID changed the way people look for potential partners.

In a time where everything is uncertain and many people are going through hard times, kindness and reliability are starting to become traits that many men and women seek most in their would-be partners.

Dating apps and online dating services have been instrumental in helping singles still meet. Even with most face to face dating being impossible or impractical, online daters have found many great virtual date ideas. It has become quite surprising how much video chat and phone calls have helped long term relationships survive during this pandemic.

While video dating may not be ideal for most daters, it remains one of the safest ways to date amidst health concerns.

This is understandable, as you wouldn’t want a partner that cannot and does not provide emotional and moral support when you’re going through something challenging. It has also encouraged people to become more open to other characteristics; more are saying yes to dating those from other states or even other countries.

The Pandemic has made people more careful.

If you and your partner ever decide to take things to the next stage and meet in person, you’d want to discuss several things first.

Do you opt for a socially distanced date when meeting new people? Should individuals wear masks on their dates for added protection? Is physical touching an option for first time couples during this pandemic?

Whereas pre-pandemic you wouldn’t think about any of these things, the COVID19 virus has probably made you more careful in initiating physical contact with another person.

While you’d think this habit can only be applicable to the pandemic, you can also extend this kind of cautious behavior to your sexual relationships. Before meeting with a person, it’s crucial to have that “talk” with each other as to what is within your limits and how to have safe contact.

The Future of Dating

The pandemic has made many of us realize that online connections can be just as genuine and serious as those made in real life. The difference lies in how we approach the process.

As long as we steer clear of the dangers of online dating and remain honest and sincere in our dealings, we can enjoy an experience that is just as fulfilling as in-person relationships, at least for the time being.

Before COVID19, there was this mostly unsaid implication that virtual dating on sites and social media was different from “real-life dating.” With that came the judgment that the former was not as real compared to the latter.

Today, however, the line has become blurred between the physical and the digital. If anything, online dating has offered people a platform with which to meet, date, and connect with others in a safe, natural, and unhurried way.

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