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Thousand of men travel abound in search for foreign brides.

Every week hundreds of men pack their bags and travel half way around the world in hopes of finding a bride. The foreign bride business in recently years has grown exponentially in popularity with dozen of dating sites promoting Foreign Brides. Many men are get frustrated trying to find wives in America and are turning to foreign brides services. Jeff D. of New York says "To many women are to into there careers to consider marriage or starting a family." Dave R. Of Florida" Dating in the US is just too difficult. Sites like promote direct contact with thousands of women from around the world for just $19.95 per month. lets men post their profile and the women write the men first. Elena Kostalova a foreign bride herself operates a non profit web site (Russian Bride Guide) giving advice and information on the do's and don'ts of finding a Russian bride. Author Tony Brochene wrote a book "Truth About Russian Brides" after he traveled to Russia and met his wife. A Foreign Affair a company based in Phoenix who has been operating a foreign brides service for more than 10 years offers group tours every week to one of 12 locations in Russia, Ukraine, Peru, Costa Rica and Colombia

A Foreign Affair CEO John Adams stats "foreign bride service has now became a main stream. What use to be called "mail order brides" is now just a another dating option. Many of our clients range from police officers and Construction workers to Doctors, Lawyers and Airline pilots. For the busy professional this is a great option, to meet so many young beautiful women in such a short period of time.

Interview with John Adams CEO A Foreign Affair

How does the services work? We offer many option from email correspondence to personal introductions and are most popular the group tours.

What is the group tour? Basically a group tour is 10 to 25 men that travel together to Countries like Russia, Ukraine or Costa Rica to meet a wife. We include Airfare, Hotels, three socials, translators and staff to help with anything the client may need. During the socials we personally invite 150 to 250 women each night.

Why a group tour? It is just the most efficient way to find some one. In just a few days you will meet from 250 to 1000 women. To meet this many women using one on one introduction could take five to ten years. But for men who still prefer this we offer unlimited personal introduction during all of tours

What about Age difference between the men and women? For must women age is not as so important as it is in America. The women look at older men as more mature, secure and stable compared to men their own age. The age difference ranges usually from 10 to 20 years

What are the success rates of your tours? The Success of our Latin tours run about 75%, the Russian and Ukraine are slightly less. Compare this to Local dating service which have less that 1% success.

Do these marriages last? Foreign Marriages have about double the success rate of American marriages.

If a man finds a potential wife, how does he bring her back to the United States? We have a fiancee visas attorney on staff to help with all paperwork. We also provide all tour members with a fiancˆe visas kit. This visa allows her to come for 90 days to get married

Are men skeptical before they go on a tour? Many clients are, but with in a few minute of the first social that quickly changes. On our web site we have over 500-video testimonials from past tours clients that are available for every one to view. This gives the client a great insight on how the tour works and how successful they are.

What is the divorce rate for these marriages? According to a Report by US Immigration Department, foreign marriages have almost twice the successes rate of domestic marriages! So you are taking a bigger risk getting married in to some one in the US.

Why do you think this service is so much more successful then local dating services? Local dating services charge $5,000 or more to join. At this rate they get very few members. Thus many clients have very little selection. Also women who pay $5,000 to join a dating service have very high expectations. For the average man it is hard to meet to such high expectations. Our service if completely free for women. Thus we have over 50,000 female members. And the clients can invite any of these members to the socials by just viewing our website. Many local agencies will not let you see any members until you join.

How do differ from other online services? Are female members have to come in to our office to sign up. We verify the client's name, age and photos. Online services have absolutely no verification of photos, age or ID of the women.

How can men find out more about your service? The best way is to go to our web site or call us at 602-553-8178

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